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Tamanna Shah – The Fourth Trimester!

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The toughest part of motherhood starts when the baby is here! The first three months in a baby’s life is also known as the fourth trimester!


How did Baby Cookie change my life?


  • It’s all about sacrifices from sleep to eat to shower!
  • Sleeping is a luxury now
  • Feeding-Cleaning-Feeding-REPEAT
  • Cold tea and molten ice creams!
  • My endless conversations revolve around Cookie!
  • Taking a shower for more than 5 mins is a luxury now!
  • Baby needs attention all the time
  • When you are hungry, so is the baby
  • I have been peed on, pooped on, and also puked on.
  • The baby cries for everything and you feel terrible about it
  • Parlor trips feel like history!
  • Everyone wants to give advice about and for the baby.
  • Everyone wants to know if you had a NVD or a C-section
  • The entire world will give you advice on how your food habit will affect the baby!
  • Everyone wants to talk about who the baby looks like :(


Last but not the least, I’ve become paranoid about everything that happens to the baby. Mommy’s instinct I guess!


Despite all the above changes, I am very happy and lucky that Cookie is my baby.





By Tamanna Bavishi
SAHM | Blogger | Reader | Harry Potter fan |