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The 5 mobile apps all moms to be need on their phones

From timing your contractions to packing for your babymoon, we’ve done the rounds and discovered five of the best apps for all stages of your pregnancy journey!


So we’re saying, clear some space on your phone for these essential pregnancy and newborn apps.


The Bump ( Available for iOS and Android)


The Bump


It’s a simple, beautiful, and informative app. This app features an addicting week-by-week pregnancy comparison guide that compares the stage of your pregnancy with an illustration of a cute fruit. Each day, the app is updated with fresh editorial content by the staff at The Bump. There are other features, including the ability to ask questions to the editors, medical experts, and other real moms. Don’t forget to document your pregnancy by utilizing the weekly photo albums!


BabyBump Pro (Available for iOS and Android)


Babybump Pro


BabyBump Pro provides a comprehensive, journal-like features for recording your daily symptoms, cravings, body weight, moods, and thoughts; the capability to customize your birth plan, daily pregnancy tip, and week-by-week pregnancy and fetal development information. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro also has a helpful pregnancy community forum where you can ask questions, get help, compare notes and share experiences with other parents. Other features in the app include a baby name generator that lets you search for names by the gender, origin or sound, a photo manager, a baby kick counter, a contraction timer and an online shop.


What to Expect  ( Available for iOS and Android)


What to expect


This app guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. It provides you a daily and weekly tracker complete with fetal development images and useful health tips, news and videos. What To Expect also features a photo journal that enables you to record memories of your pregnancy, while their community feature helps you get in touch with other mothers to share experiences and advice.


Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker by Babycenter  ( Available for iOS and Android)




My Pregnancy & Baby Tracker is an app by BabyCenter that provides access to videos, articles, checklists, product reviews, and other tools such as a kick tracker, a contraction timer and a “bumpie” photo diary. It provides weekly pregnancy tips and enables mothers to keep track of baby’s growth, with fetal development images and a daily calendar on their body’s changes as their pregnancy progresses. Post – birth, the app switches to daily parenting guidance to support new parents through a baby’s first year. This useful app also has an active message board feature that allows you to connect with other mothers and share stories, advice or experiences.


Glow Nurture – Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Calendar ( Available for iOS and Android)


Glow Nurture


The Nurture app by Glow helps you keep track of appointments, allows you to take notes and view useful tips, as well as take a photo of your baby bump daily and turn it into a time lapse. It provides alerts and insights based on data entered, helping you achieve a healthier pregnancy. Therefore, the more you use it, the more relevant the insights and feedback you receive from the app.


In our opinion all these apps are great, and they should be a great companion through your pregnancy journey. Each app comes with its own unique feature and does something different than the others. So, go ahead and download all of them and try out yourself since most of the apps are free to download. Let us know which of these best pregnancy apps is your favorite by commenting it below.