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The Inner Story – 6 Kids Underwear Brands We Love

Phew!Potty training days are behind you and the child is finally ready to move to having his/her own collection of under garments.


Well, however easier that may sound, there are tons of options out there that fit a combination of preference, comfort level and some trial and error. We understand your stress levels and that’s why – here’s what to keep in mind and where to find the best inner wear for the little ones.




The essentials


Use potty training pants before you make the move to a full underwear

For one, using potty training pants makes it easier and less stressful, both for you and your baby. Training pants could more accurately be called “training underwear”.The great thing about training pants is that they mimic regular underwear, so you child can still feel grown up, but you know they are protected.The main benefits are:

  • It lets your child feel the wetness that occurs. At the same time, the chances of making a mess are less and contained. Such is not the case when you bypass this stage and choose to use the regular underpants.
  • They help with dribblers.This is an issue we often see with boys, especially. For a while, even after potty training, some toddlers will have these little leaks as they’re testing boundaries with how long they can hold their pee. The great thing about thick cloth training pants is your child can have a dribble and it won’t leak through to their pants (or bed).
  • They are washable and can be used multiple times.
  • They are easier for younger toddlers to push down. The regular toddler underwear you’ll find in mass retailers are usually made with clinching elastic bands. Those elastic bands are tight and take sometime before theyour toddler gets the hang of pulling it down.
  • They are a must if you are somewhere between completing potty training and saying goodbye to diapers.


Comfort and Fit of Underwear

Polyester, rayon and nylon are the least forgiving for a child’s active lifestyle. When it comes to comfort, look for organic cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics. Cotton breathes and moves with a child’s body giving them plenty of room and comfort. Also, look for organic cotton underwear for kids that is designed appropriately.


Size matters most

One of the first issues kids have with their underwear is that they simply do not fit. Too tight in the waist, too loose in the bottom area. There is a wide range of size variation between brands, as well. Make sure to check the right fit everytime you switch brands.If the fit isn’t right anywhere, wedgies can happen. If your kid’s underwear is too big or too tight, your child may find that they are pulling on it all day long. Since no one wants to deal with wedgies, we suggest having your children wear underwear that’s made of breathable, lightweight fabrics as well as finding underwear that fits.


Prints and Character Underwear

Rather than purchasing underwear simply because they feature Frozen characters or Chota Bheem designs, look for underwear based on the comfort and fit. Printed underwear is heavily dyed with chemicals. This causes the fabric to feel scratchy and rough on your child’s skin.


Use a Reputable Brand and Company

Look for a brand and company of children’s underwear that cares for children. This will save you tons of time on dealing with underwear that is ill fitting and downright dangerous for your child’s skin.


Decoding Underwear Styles and Shapes


Girls Underwear Shapes

Brief: The brief is cut a little fuller and has a higher rise and wider waistline.This style is made for coverage and comfort and is ideal for any situation.
Boyshort: The Boyshort imitates the boy’s brief style – the legs come a little bit down the thigh. This panty style is a comfortable option that provides the most coverage.
Hipster: This style is the perfect one for girls who like full coverage but want the waist band to sit just below their waistline.


Boys Underwear Shapes

Boys Briefs: The boys brief is perfect for the boy who wants the least amount of fabric, while still retaining the functionality. The leg and waist elastic are positioned for maximum comfort and flexibility.
Boys Boxer: This style comes without leg elasticity and is loose and comfortable.
Boxer Brief: This style combines the best of briefs and boxers that’s ideal for the boy who wants a little more coverage but doesn’t like the feeling of a boxer’s loose fabric.


Brands that design it right


H&M: They offer a 3-pack of boxer briefs or 5 pack of briefs. With soft basic stripes and patterns, their designs are simple, provide good coverage and come with an elasticated waist and lined gusset. provide . Some are organic, some are not — watch for the conscious label if you want only organic.


BABY GAP: For a super comfy full brief style, girls aged six to 12 years are sure to love Gap.Prints are pretty and colourful, appealing to young children and fine elastic in the legs and waistband is sure to sit comfortably against the skin. Boys don’t miss out either with snug fitting Boxer Briefs that are available in some seriously cute styles including animal prints and plaid.


CARTERS: You’re spoiled for choice when buying briefs at Carters. So much so you’ll be tempted to buy a couple of pairs of everything going – the lads can choose from a plethora of boys’ underwear including  no-pinch elastic waistband and a tag-free label briefs and boxers with some even sporting Star Wars, and Batman themes. Similarly, girls have the same amount of choice in undergarments – with rainbows ,unicorns and pretty


HANNA ANDERSSON: Internationally famous for seemingly superior smalls, Hanna Anderson know for comfort for the two to 12 year-old gang. Several boxer and trunk styles are available for boys. Girls are kitted out in pretty low leg styles with coordinating singlets available.


ZARA: Popular for kids clothing, Zara Kids has cotton briefs and panties made from the softest ribbed cotton and wide elastic on the legs mean they won’t ride up no matter how many climbing frames are climbed.


So, that was our little bottoms roundup. Tell us what are your favorite sources and what else do you look for while picking the perfect underwear for the toddler -to-be.