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The Juggle Struggle: How I managed time between my new born & first born

The Juggle Struggle: when more than one child needs you at exactly the same time, and there’s only one of you to go around. Many of us have been there (I know I have).Sure, I didn’t yet know how to juggle the needs of both my children efficiently yet – but that skill came. There were definitely changes in the way things were done, but with a lot of support from family,especially my in-laws by my side it really was a cakewalk. Here’s what I learnt:



  • Make sure you spend equal amount of time with your older child as around this time they tend to feel more insecure.
  • Get your older child involved with your new born like helping in changing, to check if the baby is up, to be a responsible older sibling from the start.
  • Take the new born to the older sibling’s room everyday to make them play and learn to share.
  • As a second time mom, you love both your children unconditionally which cannot be expressed. But sometimes at this point I feel the older one might need more attention as they are more aware of everything.
  • Having grandparents or living in a joint family can be quite helpful and a support system.
    • They provide the kids with great values and teaching that only a grandparent can.
    • They look after the kids whenever they can like during late nights and early mornings. This gives me an
    • opportunity to spend sometime with my husband and reconnect as well.


During my pregnancy they have been a great support system to pick up and drop off my older one to school and classes and also during my doctor’s appointments for my younger one.


Parenting and Pregnancy are hard and unrelenting at times and, as much as we love our children, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges. Often it isn’t the sum or sentence on a page that matters but the lessons learned in between, and grandparents have a subtle way of making homework applicable to life – perhaps because they have lived a lot longer.