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#Throwback! Remember these Cuties from Commercials?


Everyone’s a sucker for little kids in commercials; they tend to end up tugging at our heart strings. Put them in there with a furry friend, and it’s one big ‘awww’ moment. We remember gushing at these cuties way before we had any semblance of a maternal instinct. Here’s to a major #throwback for all the 90’s kids. We might not know their names, or have ever met them in the playground (remember playgrounds?), but these kids were definitely a definitive part of our childhoods. Care to venture a guess before you check out the commercials?

Counting Stars

We’re talking about the ones in the sky. This cutie stole many hearts in a film role where he barely spoke, but the one line he did use became legendary! But he was entering way before he landed that role. Up your punjabi game, and you’ll crack this one in a second. Put a face to a memory here

But She’s Grown Up Mummy!

This child star grew up to star in music videos (incidentally one had a strong reference to her ‘daddy’), and films, and dropped off the scene a few years ago after her nuptials. But we’ll always know her as one of the very first Complan girls? Put a face to a memory here

He Khem, He Saw…

This young chap was all about working with the big guys. From commercials with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, to films with the likes of Aamir Khan… now what kid wouldn’t want to be in his (Action) shoes? Put a face to a memory here

Khulla… Nahi B*****d

We sang this to ourselves every time we scraped our knees in the playground or the park. You know, before kids were quoting Kim and Kanye. The redhead, curly-haired cutie in this commercial was super animated, and we saw so much of him, it was almost like we were all friends. Put a face to a name (or memory) here

Larger Than Life

Giant Gulab jamming and Puris… need we say more about the little boy in yellow? Put a face to a memory here

Fuelling Our Feelings

Not from the 90’s, but a #throwback well-worth mentioning. This little fire cracker drove everyone at home crazy, but everyone watching him on screen was instantly hooked. We didn’t see him in any other commercials, but looks like he got great mileage out of this one! Put a face to memory here