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Top 10 Toys for a Toddler’s Cognitive Development

During your child’s growing years, it is important to provide them with educational toys that allow them to learn while they play and hold their attention for more than five seconds.Different types of toys require children to use different skill sets and tap into different learning areas of the brain.


That’s why we’ve done the research to find the best educational toys for kids of all ages. Before we get into our picks, here are some scientific benefits to educational toys.


Benefits of Educational Toys
  • Innovative and creative thinking: When playing with educational toys and games, children can develop perception, intuition, and reasoning as they partake in a creative activity.
  • Cognitive skills: Educational toys can help children connect to their thought processes and further develop their capabilities to think freely. Common toys that help boost cognitive skills include puzzles and number games.
  • Motor skills: With the right educational toys and games, children develop their motor skills in conjunction with their cognitive skills.
  • Soft skills: By giving children a well-guided play experience, children develop what are considered softer skills such as appropriate social interaction (dictated by social values, principles, and sentiments), language skills, and emotional development (i.e. handling certain situations, such as losing a game, helps them learn to accept challenges, to overcome them, and to gain mental strength).


Of the many new and popular toys we’ve tested, these are our best brain-boosting buys available to buy right now for every age and stage.


Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy ABC Book :  ₹2000 


This is one of the best early learning systems we tested. It not only encourages skills, from reading to problem solving, but is also really fun and grows with your child, making it suitable from age one right up to three years old.


Every time your little one turns the pages of this great first baby book, Puppy sings the ABC song for the letters shown. Press the “ABC” button to hear Puppy read baby each letter and the name of an object that starts with that letter. Or push the “Music” button to activate 8 fun songs — and watch Puppy’s nose light up and dance to the music! The Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s ABC Book is a letter-perfect first book for babies — and a fun refresher for toddlers about to start school.




Primo Toys Cubetto Coding Toy: ₹22100


There’s currently a strong educational focus on teaching children coding, and as a result, lots of new toys, apps, and games are available to encourage and assist with this. The Cubetto is a premium product but it’s the best we’ve found, teaching children the basics of coding in a simple, age-appropriate, playful way. Montessori-approved for children aged three and up, it takes coding off screen and into the real world using blocks and a wooden control panel to create programs. They use these to navigate Cubetto (a little wooden robot) through magical worlds. It does require a bit of adult help for children to get started but they find it fascinating. We think it would be great for primary school children of any age and we loved playing with it too.






Shape sorters promote hand-to-eye coordination and problem-solving skills – they’re one of those toys that every child should have or play with at some point.  We love this new unique tool box shaped educational toy house from Shumee Toys. Teach your child to build a basic home with six colourful panels, three wooden bars and screws.Drop-in openings for numbers Zero to Nine in the wall. Seven unique shapes with corresponding drop-in holes on one wall. Do simple addition and subtraction with + and – signs and combination digits. Teach how to tell time with the colourful clock. Easy-grab tool bar to lift and move the house as needed. Store all numbers and shapes within the house. Helps develop Fine Motor, Gross Motor,Sensory, Creativity, Self Expression skills.




Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ’n Tag Movi: ₹3700


After initially being a little freaked out, our three-year-old tester became obsessed with Movi. For pre-schoolers aged three to six years old he encourages children to follow directions; get moving through games; play and press buttons; and asks questions to engage critical thinking (for example: “What shape is a ball? Press red for circle or green for square”). Movi’s facial expressions change during play and he can move 360 degrees. He’s educational, entertaining and fun.






A vivid imagination is a child’s superpower. Ignite your child’s mind with The Legendary Cards- mythical creatures crafted and curated from folklore around the world. They’ll meet fire-breathing dragons, resurrected zombies, and notorious gremlins and you’ll see how much fun they have on their quick escape from the drudgery of reality.
Who needs to learn E for Elephant, when in our flight of Fantasy, E could conjure a tip-toeing elf?


Each box contains 26 cards featuring legendary creatures beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Printed on thick, sturdy board, measuring  4 x 6 inches, they are perfect for small hands to hold. Every card has a colourful illustration, upper and lower case letters on one side, and the name and description of the creatures on the other.




Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

New from LEGO, this robot building kit includes 840 block pieces, a move hub, and a color and distance sensor. A robotics kit for kids ages 7-12 with a heavy emphasis on building and playing.Your kiddo will be seriously entertained building up this bot, and the best part is, that’s where the fun and learning begins! Once the robot is built, it can be connected to a tablet, so your kiddo can start coding and directing her new creation. The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox is an impressive and fun way to teach kids that coding isn’t an end in itself, but a tool to make cool projects. Parental assistance might be needed, but it is designed to be very accessible for the recommended ages. If your kids have tried other Legos kits before, they’ll probably to be able to manage these projects. Just be careful to keep track of the tinier pieces, and your kids (and you) will enjoy many hours of Lego and programming fun.




Babywalk Button Up Activity : 599


An important task made fun and easy to learn for kids. This activity game is a fun way to teach your little one how to fasten and unfasten buttons. Being able to dress oneself is the first step towards being self-reliant. Make this step easier and fun with the Button Up Activity.






The world of animals is enormously interesting for all young learners. No other topic arouses the same level of excitement and curiosity – Which animals are awake at night? What do animals eat? Where do they live? What are their babies called? What sounds do they make? – The list is endless! We answer all these and a whole lot more with Skillmatics Animal Kingdom. The fun learning activities will ensure your child learns about over 75 amazing Animals & Birds, Animal Categories, Habitats, Young Ones, Herbivores, Carnivores, Nocturnal & Diurnal Animals, Farm Produce, Animal Sounds & Footprints .




Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set :  ₹7500


This 100 piece set is loved by children, educators, and parents for its ability to develop spatial, fine motor, and creative skills.Magna-Tiles come in various sizes, shapes, such as right, equilateral, and isosceles triangles, and colors. Each tile has magnets along the edges and the unique ability to attract to other tiles even when they are flipped, which provides seemingly endless possibilities for use. The tiles allow children to create anything they can dream up on either a flat surface in three dimensions. The tiles are great for all kids above the age of three. Younger children learn basic shapes by stacking and creating objects such as hexagons, while older children develop math and science skills by perfecting patterning, shape recognition, building, spatial, and fine motor skills.


The more pieces or sets you combine, the more complex objects children can make – From building  skyscrapers, rocket ships to tea party tables,you child can build it all.  The tiles are translucent, so your child can build a structure and put it in direct sunlight to get a colorful reflection, use them on windows to create illuminated window decals, ‘look’ inside 3D shapes with a flashlight, see through them with a light table, or use them with a projector to seemingly enlarge the sizes of pieces and projects.




L.O.L. Surprise: :  ₹2300

Kids are obsessed with unwrapping these balls filled with fun. Each ball comes with seven layers of surprises. At the very inside of the ball, there’s a little fashionable doll who’ll either spit, pee, cry, or change colors. Collect them all!



The Verdict: best developmental toys

The Laugh & Learn Puppy ABC Book is a cool, fun, educational and interactive toy that kids are desperate to get their hands on. In our opinion, it’s a reasonable price for a great product that sets children up for school-style learning. Shumee Toys Shape And Number Toy House is a great toy for toddlers to stimulate senses and so is the L.O.L. Surprise. But the Primo Cubetto, though pricey, deserves a mention for its clever way of teaching coding without screen time.