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We are more wired than ever ! But are we truly connected ?

Remember those days when playing meant stepping out with friends and reading was all about spending family time at the home library ?




Get off your smartphone, stop by and think for a second – has technology changed everything kids experience today !


While we love the phone, the internet and the gaming consoles – we miss the memories, the quality time and the simple joys of the ’80’s.



Remember opening your lunchbox at school to find soggy jam sandwiches and a friend walked over to offer their noodles ?

Well talk about ‘Share’ today and the first thing that you think of is Facebook Share !



The study table draws were full of hand drawn cards, crayons, chart paper and glitters. Remember staying up late into the night to make an anniversary card for your parents or hand -writing a special note to a friend while they were unwell?

Finding the perfect emoticon, Instagram post or making a super PicsArt collage is what we stay up late into the night for now.



Remember the land line ring and it was a friend calling to invite you over to spend the day? A day of just chatting up, playing with pets, walk in the lawn or just laughing over a bowl of popcorn !

Well, we’ve become  less social and lazier than we used to be. We have the wealth of the ages in our pockets today. Want to speak to a friend ? Face time. Want a pizza ? Talk to a Robot. Too winded to meet someone on their birthday? Facebook wishes. There’s a way for us to outsource absolutely everything !



Weekend Prime-time schedules of a handful of networks was family time we looked forward to. One television and the entire household would be packed in one room. Break-time meant a quick dash to the kitchen to check if the bake in the oven was ok ?

Now, with TiVo cable DVRs, we don’t have to wait for our favorite shows. And thanks to Record,Hulu and Netflix , we can go back and rewatch entire seasons that we may have missed the first time around – without the entire family packed into a single room glued to a single television.



The little home library was packed with ‘Tell me why’, ‘Encyclopedia’,  ‘World Atlas’ and mom’s favorite recipe books.

While  smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have made it easier for us to carry our books around without breaking our backs and stocking up our home libraries – we miss spending Sunday mornings with dad at the bookstore.



Gaming consoles were few and rare. You probably received your first gaming console on your 8th birthday (Up for a game of Contra, Ice-climber, Sega anyone ? ) and were allowed to play it twice a week !

Spending time with friends was all about building tree houses, cycling together within a designated area, setting up a make-shift hotel reception in your room or a game of tug of war in the lawn.

Well try taking the Ipad or PS-4 away for two seconds in the day and you’ll have the entire house down.



Lots of cursive writing worksheets , spelling tests and dictations is what we spent the first half of our summer holidays on. Perfectly sharpened pencils, a bunch of Mr Clean Erasers and the Big Red pencil Sharpener adorned our study tables.

Now, you catch yourself looking for a font style to match the email text or using the auto-correct function for ‘paid’ vs ‘payed’ !



Remember mom explaining good touch -bad touch, safety while you are on the monkey bars, table etiquette, not to hurt other people, with fists or with words. All the above included, we now teach our children digital etiquette and warn them about the dangers online more than about the dangers on the streets. We search the internet for literally everything; best parenting tips included.

The Internet has changed our lives for the better, no doubt, but it has also destroyed so much of what made parenting and growing up moments great when we were children.


Our parents used to learn everything by living through the day and there was no internet to search the best parenting tips.Life simply happened without a cyber blueprint for living.



This Independence Day – put technology away for a bit and re-live your childhood moments with your children !



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