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Welcome To Another Academic Year : Delhi Nursery School Admissions

MOM 1 : “Uggghh! Feel like pulling my hair apart –  this is the 10th school I’m applying to”


MOM 2: “Hahaha, I beat you to the that one , I’ve applied to 21 already and have another 10 to go!”

MOM 3: “You people are such novices, I applied to 42 schools, and he didn’t make it to the cut-off list of a single one.”


Well, Welcome to another academic year ! It’s that time of the year again where Whatsapp exchanges and Table conversations at home and outside are about How to ? How Many ? Which ones to ? Did he/she make it ? and the list is endless…




So, If you are confused on what to expect while standing in the the admission line for Nursery Admissions in 2019-20, we’re telling you the basics, the essentials and the important!







  • The government has set an upper age limit of less than four years to be eligible for nursery, less than five years for kindergarten, and less than six years for admission to Class 1.
  • 25 per cent seats in pre-school, pre-primary and Class 1 will be reserved for economically weaker sections/disadvantaged groups (EWS/DG).
  • Parents will not be forced to buy school prospectus.
  • No school can demand Donation/Capitation Fees during Admission. Performing this will lead to punishment.
  • The Draw of List or any process for EWS Admission will be computerized.
  • Individually Each School’s Admission Criteria will be uploaded on DoE Website, and on the school’s portal – so don’t forget to keep checking back on the school’s website.


What is the Points System?


The points system is a process where the schools allot points to a child out of 100, on the basis of criteria including distance of residence from school, sibling studying in the school, if a parent is an alumni, if the child is a girl.


There is no overall consensus and uniformity with regard to points, so we recommend you keep checking the school website for more details on points and documents they might require. We hear neighborhood is a critical aspect in the overall point system.


Documents to have ready

Birth Certificate  from the municipal corporation

Well, you can absolutely NOT do without this document. Take enough photocopies to avoid last minute running around. In case for some reason you don’t have the original or name change – you will need to carry an affidavit for the same.


Residence Proof

Most schools insist on only one document for residence proof, whereas some schools might surprise you at the last minute asking for 2 or more. The following documents are accepted as valid id proof documents in most schools.

  • Ration card issued in the name of one of the parents, bearing the name of the child.
  • Domicile certificate of the child or one of the parents.
  • AADHAR card in the name of any one of the parents/ child.
  • Voter ID card in the name of one of the parents.
  • Ration card issued in the name of one of the parents, bearing the name of the child.
  • Electricity bill/ Water bill /MTNL bill in the name of any of the parents/child.


Passport Size Photographs of both child and parents

If you are a potential Nursery 2018 -2019 parent, don’t forget to make a quick dash to the photo studio. You will need a bunch of these with every application. Also, print enough copies of yours and your spouse’s, as most schools demand the parents’ photographs too.


Sibling Quota

Incase you have ticked this category on the form, remember to carry some identity of the elder one – fee bills are acceptable.


Alumni Quota

If the two of you are an alumni of the school you plan to send your little one to – don’t forget to carry a copy of your academic certificates – Class X/XII will do.


Single Parent  

Incase you are applying under the Single Parent category, it’s a good idea to attach all relevant legal documents with your other papers.


First Born child

Sibling quota aside, some schools grant points for first child. Yeah!Yeah! for that one – but this requires an affidavit. Check with the school for more details.They usually have this information uploaded on the website.


Children with special needs

You would need to submit relevant medical documents ( in original) to the school.


If you’re looking for a School around your area, don’t forget to check out   ‘Our Directory’


Here’s wishing you and your little one a rocking academic year!


Know of something that we’ve missed covering here ? Share in the comment below.