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What’s hatching ? Checkout the top-selling toy for Christmas

HO ! HO ! HO !


Hatchimals hatch in time for holidays this year! While it’s yet to come to Indian Toystores, the top-selling toy for Christmas 2016 is available across  Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kohl’s.




So moms and dads, don’t forget to put this on your must-buy shopping list this season or to tell your international relative to get it for you.


Nestled inside a brightly speckled egg, the Hatchimal relies on a child’s curiosity, care and nurturing. The Hatchimal responds to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through taps, pecks, lights and sound; which Hatchimal is inside is only revealed when it hatches.


The hatch is a moment in time, never to be repeated, but this is just the beginning of the experience. The child is the key to releasing the magic of the toy, and with care, they can raise their Hatchimal through three phases, from baby to toddler to full-grown Hatchimal, teaching it to walk, talk, play games and more.


Available in two species: Pengualas and Draggles. Children chose the color of the egg and the species, but the Hatchimal chooses them. Penguala eggs come in two colors, pink and teal or pink, while Draggle eggs are either purple or green and blue.


For age groups 5+, it’s priced at $60 and has been the fastest selling toy across shelves in the last 2 weeks.


Tring!Tring – You now know what to ask for if someone is landing in India sometime soon!