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Wheezing among kids due to Vitamin D deficiency

Is your child three years and below and having recurrent wheezing problem, it may be because of vitamin D deficiency, says a study done by LTMG Sion hospital.

The study, which got published in the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, said that exclusive breast feeding and delaying of complementary feeding beyond 6 months of age are significant predictors of Vitamin D deficiency and have indirect association with increased incidence of wheezing in children.

Wheezing is said to be one of the most common respiratory symptom during childhood. The aim of the study was to study the serum levels of Vitamin D in recurrent wheezy children below three. During the study, 122 children were checked between June 2013 to May 2014.

The doctors, who were part the study, said that in recent years, vitamin D has been a focus of growing interest in public health nutrition. Studies suggesting prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in India in epidemic proportions.

“We need a bigger sample size for the conclusion. However, it is the fact that exclusive breast feeding without vitamin D supplements leads to its deficiency. We therefore recommend that every new born who is exclusively breast feed, should be started on vitamin D supplements,” said Dr Mukesh Sankhlecha, paediatrician at Bombay hospital.

Doctors agreed that wheezing in children is on the rise and rise in hygiene hypothesis can be one reason. “With our society becoming more advanced, lot of emphasis is given on hygiene. This leads to less exposure of the child to infection but makes the child more prone to allergies,” added Sankhlecha.

Dr Nitin Shah, paediatrician at PD Hinduja hospital, said that too much of hygiene followed by parents in early childhood is a reason behind the rise in wheezing cases in children. “Basic hygiene is fine but not allowing your child to mingle with environment has negative repercussions and the child’s body is not able to handle it when exposed to it suddenly,” said Shah.

Doctors also say that high pollution levels in a city like Mumbai and increased awareness are also reasons behind increased wheezing cases. “Rise in wheezing cases in children below 3 years has been a trend for last few years. This trend can be attributed to increased awareness among doctors and parents or to pollution in the city or to both,” said Shah.


Information source : DNA